Making It Happen

There is, after all, No Point.

A couple years ago we hosted a CouchSurfer that spent six weeks in Guatemala to learn Spanish for work she was doing. Cool, but not something that I felt drawn to at the time. Last year I went through (yet) another round of what-do-I-really-love-to-do-and-how-do-I-do-it. Life is full of many interesting opportunities, but travel always ends up on the top of the list.

So bumping around the internet, searching for possibilities, there was a lot of information about teaching English as a foreign language. China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy and South America are all great for teaching now, and the latter flashed in neon. Surprising, since Europe tends to be my default travel choice. There is some time to travel this winter, and as much as I tried to convince myself to go to Europe, a little voice kept saying, “No, you must go South. Learn Spanish. You need to visit Peru and eat guinea pigs.” Yes, weird. Yet wonderfully exotic.

This week I depart for a 7-week adventure in Guatemala. The goal this trip is to become reasonably conversant in Spanish, and then head South again later this year and find work. More later…

About ThesePartsUnknown

I write, I travel, I make art.
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16 Responses to Making It Happen

  1. Michael says:

    I hope the couches in Guatemala are comfortable

  2. Michael says:

    I don’t think there is much of a need for editing in that area

  3. Kyle says:


  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    What a great opportunity. Keep me posted.
    Will you make books too?

  5. Mick and Linda says:

    ‘Atta way, Catia! Enjoy the adventure!! We’ll be watching it unfold. YEA!!

  6. Misty says:

    Yay! Have fun! I will be keeping up with your adventure!

  7. Phyllis says:

    Have fun!

  8. Daryl says:

    And to think, I usually use Pimsleur…

    • Pimsleur is da bomb! I can say that I want to eat something and drink a cold water. And today I learned how to ask for a doctor’s number. Not just any doctor. A good doctor. And a good man. I am ready.

  9. colleen Attara says:

    Being a bit unsure in an exotic, faraway place by yourself will fuel your creativity!

    Good for you!

  10. Wendy says:

    Be safe and keep us posted!

  11. This is it! You’re ‘being’ your ‘what-if?’ Ah! The thrill of it! Boil your water!!!

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