On a Slow Bus to NowHere

The only way to go...

If you’re reading this automatic entry I have arrived in Guatemala and perhaps:

a) am having too many adventures to create a fresh entry.

b) there are no computers in this God-forsaken place.

c) have been kidnapped and am enjoying a life of luxury in the jungle.

Really, though, I arrived on Thursday and hopped onto an overnight bus to Tikal, home of spectacular Mayan ruins in the middle of the jungle.


About ThesePartsUnknown

I write, I travel, I make art.
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2 Responses to On a Slow Bus to NowHere

  1. cwanderlust says:

    Actually, we have no way of knowing this is not an automatic entry. You need to post a photo of yourself with today’s newspaper, as if you kidnapped yourself.

  2. Evelyn King says:

    Enjoy your trip. We’re off tomorrow to see the fishies.

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