AFP Corrections

Sunset in Tikal

Well, that didn’t  go as expected. Turns out jaguars have no interest in eating peoples. They prefer monkeys. Who knew. This is the beginning of dry season. We only had three people in our group, all of whom returned safely. The naturalist who gave the tour was amazing, well versed in archeology, ethnoarchaeology, and flora and fauna of the region.

Tour guide extraordinaire Roxy feeding local coati

However, the overnight bus sucks as much as one would expect. More on that later. Because I catch another one back to Guatemala City tomorrow. I need to go catch said bus now, which will take a bit because I DON´T SPEAK SPANISH. What was I thinking! Fortunately, people here have been pleasant and patient.

In theory there is reliable internet access in San Pedro. Hasta manana!

BTW, I have not lost my ability to use a wide variety of punctuation marks. Really. But the keyboards here are somewhat different then at home. Which also accounts for the typos, SJ!

Ruins in Tikal

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3 Responses to AFP Corrections

  1. Jaguars! cool did you see them?!!! Aidan thinks they eat people too…I’ll give him the bad news about the monkeys. I believe its growth for you to have typos! note…i didnt even see them! love u hav fun!

  2. The guide, Roxy, said she sees one about once a year, and it´s always a flash, like Big Foot. They have no interest in people, except for staying away from them. We did go past an area where there was a VERY strong cat-box odor; Roxy said the jaguar had marked its territory early the night before. So I got to smell big cat piss. And see a lot of monkey and bird poo. An interesting factoid to pass along to Aidan: howler monkeys will poop on you if you stand underneath them to let you know they are there and not pleased. So be careful of that.

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