Simple Is As Simple Does

All my clothes are clean at the same time, on the same day that I´ve had a shower. How much better could life get?

The lovely Ilda, purveyor of clean clothes and a kind smile (photo by Lisa Braden)

Perspectives can change. I´ve intended to strip down to basics; I received that for which I asked. Life is simple here. Much more simple for me as a Westerner paying a small  amount for room and board. My possessions are minimal, and my chore today was dropping off my laundry and picking it up after school. Wash, dry, fold for 70 cents per pound, less than $2.50 for washing most of what I brought. Of course, I have a couple of hours of homework tonight, which I could probably find someone to do for 70 cents per pound.

About ThesePartsUnknown

I write, I travel, I make art.
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