Top Ten Happinesses on New Year’s Day

There is a reason for being sore enough not to move after some adventures. It lends time to reflect upon the experience, recognizing gifts that might not have been apparent at the speed of life.

10. All my necessary exercise for the year is complete.

9. A leftover Nature Valley granola bar from the mystery shopping trip in October is delish when you’re starving.

8. I did not forget to take my car keys in the kayak. Because that would have been a very, very bad thing.

7. My bike is working again! Yeah!

6. My kayak is stable in questionable water! Yeah!

5. There is a bathtub in my life once more.

4. Ibuprofen.

3. Hot tea.

2. The fireworks. Definitely the fireworks.

1. My memory is such that I’ll remember the day as fun and will look forward to doing it again.


About ThesePartsUnknown

I write, I travel, I make art.
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