Tortilla Flats

My own little place in the world for a moment.

From whence comes a soothing breeze.

$30 for a private room. 10 feet x 12 feet, enough to salsa in the middle if the mood strikes. A huge window overlooking the beach. A fan to catch the salty breezes and send them directly to my nose. A double bed, comfortable, with no bunk above; I can and will stare at the deluxe wood ceiling for quite a time. Added bonus: I can sit up without bumping my head.

Complete with warm water!

And that’s not all. A private bath. A hot water shower (this I will believe when I feel it — show me the hot). No noisy flocks of 20-something girls, not Brazilian, Argentinian, Swedish nor American. Nothing against this demographic, but after so many days of it I need a break.

I feel like this is a reward for every good thing that I have managed to do in my life.


Mi casa en Dominical. Ahhh...

About ThesePartsUnknown

I write, I travel, I make art.
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4 Responses to Tortilla Flats

  1. Wendy says:

    Glad to hear things are looking up! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and admire your courage!!!
    I’m meeting some friends on Saturday to celebrate my birthday – they want to meet in New Hope. Too bad you’re out of town…
    Stay safe, and enjoy your new luxurious accommodations!
    Wendy XX

  2. Drat! We’ll get together and celebrate when I get back…

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