What to Do When You Miss the Bus

How did it happen? I arrived at the bus stop 15 minutes early. It´s a small town, and it´s impossible not to see a bus go by. Perhaps I mistook a word when told the schedule. Perhaps I will practice Spanish more rigorously before I visit again.

So what do you do at 7:30am and the next bus doesn´t depart until 3pm?

1. Don´t panic. If I learned nothing else from The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy, knowing this was worth the reading.

2. Ask around about other options for getting to Libería before your plane leaves tomorrow.

3. Yes, you woke up at 6:30am for naught. Get over it.

4. Return to Casa Tranquilo, possibly the best hostel in Costa Rica. With a name like Tranquilo, how can you be otherwise?

5. Talk with the owner about options for later. Graciously accept his offer to call a hostel in Libería so you don´t end up trying to find a place to stay in the dark in a strange city.

Coffee improves many situations.

6. Have a cup of coffee. Chill.

7. Since you left too early for breakfast, enjoy a slice or two of David´s famous banana bread, baked fresh daily. Truly, it´s worth missing a bus for.

8. Blog entry!

9. Chat with other travelers and the people who live here about other places in Costa Rica to visit when you return.

10. Realize your good fortune to have to spend an extra half day in one of the loveliest places on the planet as opposed to a noisy city-ish city.

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I write, I travel, I make art.
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