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What to Do When You Miss the Bus

How did it happen? I arrived at the bus stop 15 minutes early. It´s a small town, and it´s impossible not to see a bus go by. Perhaps I mistook a word when told the schedule. Perhaps I will practice … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Have a Clue

The plane landed at 1:30, it’s 3:00 now and I’m on a local bus to Playa del Coco. It’s the only beach town name I recognized, and the airport immigration official assured me that it’s a gorgeous beach. Every American … Continue reading

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My Brain Huuuuurts

Sunday evening I arrived in San Pedro after 28 hours of nonstop travel. That is not a typo. And most of it went more smoothly than expected. There is not a sense of urgency in Guatemala; the bus may or … Continue reading

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AFP Corrections

Well, that didn’t  go as expected. Turns out jaguars have no interest in eating peoples. They prefer monkeys. Who knew. This is the beginning of dry season. We only had three people in our group, all of whom returned safely. … Continue reading

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Learning Another Language: Excuse #8

“Here speeching American.” – A sign in a Mallorca shop entrance Everybody can learn to speak another language. You did it with English, right? Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re always right. Even if you don’t plan to … Continue reading

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Making It Happen

A couple years ago we hosted a CouchSurfer that spent six weeks in Guatemala to learn Spanish for work she was doing. Cool, but not something that I felt drawn to at the time. Last year I went through (yet) … Continue reading

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