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Present Perfect (Grammar Free!)

San Pedro is a nice place to be. I find myself just sitting, enjoying the moment for many moments. I don´t do this often enough at home. Here I get up (get this) at 6:30 am (yes, Nancy, voluntarily), get … Continue reading

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My Brain Huuuuurts

Sunday evening I arrived in San Pedro after 28 hours of nonstop travel. That is not a typo. And most of it went more smoothly than expected. There is not a sense of urgency in Guatemala; the bus may or … Continue reading

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Grammar Lesson: Anticipatory Future Perfect™

As you may or may not know, I read grammar books for fun. Wait! Don’t unsubscribe! This will be muy, muy interesante. I write this from the comfort of my kitchen, cozy with a cup of tea in hand, indoor … Continue reading

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