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Grammar Lesson: Anticipatory Future Perfectâ„¢

As you may or may not know, I read grammar books for fun. Wait! Don’t unsubscribe! This will be muy, muy interesante. I write this from the comfort of my kitchen, cozy with a cup of tea in hand, indoor … Continue reading

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On a Slow Bus to NowHere

If you’re reading this automatic entry I have arrived in Guatemala and perhaps: a) am having too many adventures to create a fresh entry. b) there are no computers in this God-forsaken place. c) have been kidnapped and am enjoying … Continue reading

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Arrival and Departure

24 FEBRUARY 2011 GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA — Flying into Guatemala City you pass over sculpted mountains as far as you can see. It feels like entering the airspace of a topo map : brown fields yearning for crops, lush greenery … Continue reading

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The Incredible Lightness of Travel

“On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy.”  ~Spanish proverb Time to sort through the bag one last time and skim off a couple more pounds. I’ve managed to get 7-weeks worth of possessions in one, count it, one … Continue reading

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Making It Happen

A couple years ago we hosted a CouchSurfer that spent six weeks in Guatemala to learn Spanish for work she was doing. Cool, but not something that I felt drawn to at the time. Last year I went through (yet) … Continue reading

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